Our Company

Servicing a variety of Oil and Gas facilities throughout Western Canada.


Founded in 2004, based in Lloydminster, Alberta, the company works on projects throughout Western Canada at a variety of oil and gas facilities including upgrading and refining facilities, pipeline terminals, crude oil batteries, and more.


At Enhanced Engineering (E2) Consulting Ltd., we pledge to provide exceptional quality and service in all aspects of our business as we strive to gain the respect of our customers, corporate peers, and the community.

The Success of E2 is guaranteed by a creative productive team of individuals who are empowered to make suggestions while thinking “outside the box”. Our goal at E2 is to live our mission statement and continue to be an exceptional example of quality and service. We achieve this through the hard work, dedication and commitment to our clients, our staff and our community.


We have received numerous letters of recognition and accolades from our clients, local charities, and non-profit organizations. This is a testament to our pledge to provide excellent quality and service to our clients and to our community.