Our Services

Servicing a variety of Oil and Gas facilities throughout Western Canada.


E2 offers a wide range of Engineering Services in the electrical, mechanical, process, civil, and structural engineering disciplines. It has also established a strong network of partners to complement any expertise that may currently be available in-house.


Our staff has extensive experience and expertise in all areas of the Oil & Gas industry with:

  • Upstream light and heavy oil and gas production (i.e. single well and multi-well pads, casing gas collection, batteries, sand and water disposals, truck loading and unloading, etc.) including thermal facilities (i.e. steam generation, cyclic and SAGD wells, etc)
  • Midstream oil and gas transportation (i.e. pipeline terminals, pumping stations, compressor stations, etc)
  • Downstream refining and upgrading facilities (i.e. asphalt and diesel refining, upgraders, truck and rail car loading, gas and sulfer handling facilities


Another important aspect of our business that may not be as well known is the specialized electrical services that we offer. As of 2012, E2 has been providing assistance with:

  • Troubleshooting, startup and commissioning of low voltage and medium voltage equipment (i.e. transformers, motors, switchgear, MCC’s, adjustable speed drives, soft starters, etc.)
  • Power quality measurement, analysis and reporting
  • Onsite failure investigation and root cause analysis
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting
  • Emergency callouts
  • Preventative maintenance agreements
  • Critical spare parts inventory management

E2 is committed to supporting our clients from conception to completion of their projects. And with our Field Services team complimenting our design and engineering teams, we feel that we are even better positioned to ensure that the design, startup and commissioning of these projects are completed in a timely, cost-effective manner that meets both our own, and our clients’, high standards and expectation for quality and reliability.


We specialize in Industrial, Commercial, and custom Residential structural and foundation design with emphasis on the following:

  • Foundation Design:
    • Piles (concrete and/or steel)
    • Concrete footing pads
    • Concrete bearing, and retaining walls
    • Concrete grade beams
  • Building Superstructure Design (Concrete, steel and/or wood):
    • Exterior and shear wall design
    • Roof design
    • Connection design
    • Column and beam design
  • Industrial Design:
    • Skids
    • Pipe supports
    • Pipe racks
    • Electrical and mechanical equipment support
    • Transformer and pump support
    • Concrete sumps
    • Catwalks
    • Platforms
    • Underground pipe anchors
  • Structural Assessments due to fire and vehicle impact damage.